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Saira Kadeer is a starseed and internationally renowned psychic, medium, and healer, working on television, and having hosted her own radio show . She has had direct experiences with ETs since she was four years of age, and has consistently experienced contact with spirits and developed her psychic ability throughout her life. For many years she has had telepathic contact with several ET races, and has developed her own psychic abilities to the point where she is now sought after as a teacher. She is a busy professional psychic, and mother of three. Saira has very strong natural abilities in the psychic field, and this, coupled with a deep empathy , and a loving nature, makes her a warm and excellent teacher and facilitator.


Russell Davies is a starseed , counsellor, psychic and musician. He has had experiences with both spirits and ETs since he was a young child. In the past ten years his connection with the ETs has developed to the point that he is able to “call” ET craft to appear on location, and he has sold many of his videos of these happenings to television companies internationally. Russell has a deep understanding of the human psyche, a deeply empathetic nature, and is an experienced meditator and an excellent facilitator . He is able to teach his unique techniques in calling the ET craft and how to open to ET connection and telepathic communication. He has particular interest in teaching people to open the heart to remove blockages and connect to the cosmic family.

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