Exploring Other Worlds – A Life in Contact Russell Davies and Saira Kadeer

When I was asked to write a chapter for this book, my first thought was, why ask me? Surely there must be others out there that could do a better job?  I mean, what do I really understand about the topic of the “Contact Modalities”, as I am neither a scientist nor an academic, and am I able to look at this topic objectively being as immersed in it as I am? With close reference to my personal journey, I shall commence by giving you some background about myself and focus particularly on the life experiences that have shaped my understanding of the field of contact with non-human intelligences.

For much of my childhood my mother went to work running her own businesses, later working as a casino Inspector, having previously managed The Moody Blues when I was still learning to walk. A lot of my time was spent in private education in the countryside. My family included musicians, psychics and a great aunt who was a Spiritualist “platform” medium and as a child I inherited some of the abilities, which included talking to spirits who appeared in my bedroom closet. 

From a very early age, I had a fascination with both religion and the occult, and was having mystical experiences wherein I felt spiritual presences both in church, where I was the regular bible reader, and in my everyday life as a child, but by the time I was 5 or 6, my ability to actually see and talk to spirits had left me. However, my natural interest in all things spiritual was very pronounced, and I was reading ancient Hindu texts, and esoteric literature before I was ten, being particularly drawn to UFO related books including the work of Von Daniken and Adamski.  I was avidly consuming any literature I could find on ufology and esoteric subjects, having an instinctive belief in the veracity of ET visitation and the reality of other planes of existence. 

By the time I was a teenager, my fascination with religion and UFO’s had extended to encompass spiritual traditions, belief systems, psychology and paranormal phenomena. Aged 15, I began to study and practice both High Magic and Kundalini Yoga, where after a year of practice I was spontaneously “frog hopping”, as the Transcendental Meditation movement calls it, automatically rising up into the air in full lotus position. I was also practicing lucid dreaming, astral travelling, having out of body experiences, was practicing consciously interacting with others’ astral bodies following methods expounded by the Golden Dawn magic system and Dion Fortune, and was experiencing the presence of non-human intelligences in my magical practices and lucid dreams. I was also able to see auras around people as clearly as I could the people themselves.

This latter ability I was aware of, but personally validated for myself under startling circumstances, when on an exceptionally foggy British autumn afternoon, I was waiting at a bus stop with a member of the public, and I turned to him and said “Well it looks like we have company, someone else is coming”. This surprised my fellow commuter, as the fog was so thick that it was only possible to see around ten yards ahead. He asked how far away the person was, and I replied “Around fifty yards”. He looked at me very strangely, and I pointed to where I could clearly see, not a person, but a glowing halo around a body coming towards us, and I said “There he is”.  He arrived a couple of minutes later, which resulted in me standing uneasily in an atmosphere of shocked silence. 

Around this same period, I was under a considerable amount of strain, as my mother’s mental health was deteriorating due largely to a complex divorce case with my stepfather. It was at this time that a number of unusual paranormal type phenomena began to happen around me, as I was struggling to cope with everything in my environment, aged sixteen and feeling the strain of my mother’s dramatic slide into mental and emotional breakdown.

 One day after a particularly intense argument, about I remember not what, I was feeling fit to explode, and my mother and I both heard a “ping” from a stone-cold Pyrex mug which she had been drinking tea from an hour earlier. I then witnessed a half inch long piece of glass break off the mug, fly several feet, turn around 180 degrees, and fly into the far side of my mother’s thumb, which was facing away from the mug. It was at this point that I recognized that I had some latent psychic abilities, and that I would have to master them, and choose in life whether or not to utilize them, and if so, how. 

By the time I was in my late teens, I believed that God is a being separate from the creation, and that there are many beings, some of which I felt I had sensed and even directly encountered, living in other dimensions. I understood that these dimensions could be accessed through consciousness, but did not yet fully understand the implications of what that actually meant. I was convinced of the reality of the astral body as the basis for telepathic communication, and had seen the very significant effects of practicing astral communication to change others’ attitudes towards me using Dion Fortune’s system of psychic self-defense.

In my twenties, I devoted myself to not only studying mystical systems, but also developing my psychic abilities, specifically focusing on Tarot and Clairvoyance, and went on to work professionally in this field. It was here that I began to experience for the first time since my childhood, other than the many unusual beings I experienced in my astral travels, conscious waking contact with beings from elsewhere. 

Whilst starting off as a technical reader, I soon began to experience moments where I felt I was merely a channel for “guides” who were assisting me. Usually these “guides” would communicate in a faint voice, almost like an echo of a very distant voice, (the still small voice of the bible springs to mind) accompanied with typed words forming in my mind, as if on a screen. I would then be given visual images of places and people, along with key words to guide the reading. The resulting readings would be startlingly accurate. 

On one such occasion, for example, I was doing a psychic reading for a British businessman who was weighing up the possibility of working with two investors, and could not choose between them. I closed my eyes and as always visualized a blank screen, and I instantly was shown an image of the Statue of Liberty, gleaming in the sunlight. The feeling was very positive. The word “male” and an image of a man drifted through my mind. I was then shown a map of Europe with a faint voice repeating “Europe”, and the image of a very irritable bad-tempered woman with a very dark and brooding energy. On relaying this information, it transpired that the choice was between a male New York investor, and a woman in Germany, who had so far been obstructive in a variety of ways. He was very satisfied with the reading and went on to work profitably with the New York contact.

My practice of psychic abilities dramatically changed my experience of life, and I reached the point where I would walk down a street and actually see peoples’ thoughts projected in 3d around them like thought bubbles. I was able to surprise people by reading their minds and anticipating very specific things that they were about to say. My precognitive abilities became enhanced to the point that I regularly dreamed about features I would experience in the near future. People found me somewhat unnerving, and I found myself becoming reclusive and keeping my abilities to myself. 

My study of Taoist yoga in my twenties, enabled me to not only heal many energetic, emotional and mental blocks I had accumulated through childhood trauma, but also had the unusual side effect of dramatically changing my consciousness. I discovered that even when I was asleep, I was fully aware that I was lying in bed asleep, my consciousness had expanded so that my conscious mind , through breathing exercises, was able to be fully present in moments normally associated with unconscious processes, and I was able to reprogram many automated physical and mental processes and habitual emotional responses . I could change my body temperature at will, and lower my heart rate to around 20bpm, a skill I had learned when practicing kundalini yoga as a teenager. My OBE’s and astral travelling continued, where I would meet many “guides” and receive profound insights and have precognitive experiences in my dreams. 

I was also practicing the Gurdjieff system, and was engaged in creating what is known as a “meso-self”, so that I was neither attached to my internal dialogue, nor my cultural and family influenced automated responses to external events. From this, I began to experience far greater clarity of my own pre-dispositions, and began to have a greater facility for meditation and singular focus. I began to train my mind to disconnect from outer life distractions and false internal monologue, primarily to preserve my pre-existing psychic abilities and my life goal of genuine spiritual growth.

My study of Gurdjieff led on to my introduction to Sufism. I spent a couple of years as caretaker of a Sufi meditation house, where intense spiritual practices were undertaken on a daily basis. It was on one quiet day, with the individual sun rays streaming through the shutters of the meditation space, that I achieved what is sometimes described by mystics as unity consciousness, I experienced the reality of all life being part of one consciousness stream , and every being a manifestation of one creator, multiplicity in unity, unity in multiplicity. I felt the consciousness of everyone, and also felt the infinite golden thread which pulses as a resonance of living energy within all of us, like droplets forming a wave.

 This was one of my most significant experiences, and has informed my awareness ever since. It also served as the basis for understanding my subsequent telepathic ET contact, and work in human initiated contact with extraterrestrials, whilst also aiding in the further development of my psychic and mediumship abilities, by expanding my consciousness to be aware of my presence in an infinite united consciousness field encompassing all beings.

By my late twenties, I had concluded that a creator force is in everything in existence as a living dynamic intelligence, that all consciousness is inextricably linked, and that there is nothing in the universe which is not “God”. My contact with Sufism and earlier foundation in the Golden Dawn system of magic had led me to conclude that there are other dimensions around us teaming with life and that connection to them and indeed communication remotely to other human beings, can be achieved via the astral body. I had also concluded that we are being visited by ETs, which I assumed at this point were from this dimension we physically inhabit. I believed that spirits were in another dimension and could manifest physically to some extent in this dimension, but primarily visually, with telepathic communicative abilities. The Sufi communities were rife with stories of the Djinn, and yet at this point it did not occur to me that ETs and beings described as “Djinn” could be one and the same thing, with a particular cultural slant overlaid. 

My late twenties through to my 40’s were years spent gaining academic qualifications, including an arts degree, counselling qualifications, and various professional qualifications in different fields including teaching. However, being the creative right brain dominant person which I primarily am, I did not seriously pursue a career other than in music, and my esoteric interests were relegated to hobby status and secondary interests. During this period of 15 years, aside from continuing my spiritual endeavors, I worked primarily as a musician playing a number of instruments and styles and composing and recording albums.

 I experienced a considerable amount of emotional turbulence in my personal relationships, consistently experiencing rejection for being different, and put this experience to good use both in terms of my own personal growth, and in refining my cognition of the processes of breakdown and healing, and ultimately the processes of cognition itself. This enabled me to develop my ability to help others through counselling, using my considerable life experience and spiritual learning to assist and help guide people on the journey of their own spiritual growth. It is this combination of spiritual study, personal growth, and the development of deep empathy and heart-centeredness, which I feel laid the final foundation for my subsequent ET contact, and advanced mediumship experiences. 

This fallow period in my experience of other dimensions, albeit that I continued to have psychic experiences and premonitions, gave me some time to process the spiritual and paranormal aspects of my life and to return to a more grounded state of awareness.

 What I feel distinguishes people who have experienced the contact modalities from your average person on the street, is simply that aside from being open minded to other realities, these people are able to switch off internal dialogue and attune more easily to other dimensions because they have organically, through effort, or through the unsolicited contact with an NHI, come to the realization that all beings are connected in consciousness, and that our collective model of reality is not only insufficient but fundamentally wrong. It is also a metanoia, a change of mind, predicated by the healing and growth experience after experiencing the ontological shock of contact with NHI’s in all contact modalities, which I realize can permanently open up, or rewire our brain circuitry and transform our nervous system to experience other dimensions and both send and receive information  from them. At this point, I was already completely open to other realities, but maintaining some aspects of the cautious mindset of mainstream scientific empirical thinking. 

In my early 40’s, after a long period of celibacy living with an “ex” as a friend, I had the good fortune to come across a reference online to the name of the first real girlfriend I had ever had, who was working as an author in France. I made the decision to contact her, and within a short space of time began a relationship in earnest, of necessity, long distance. I was amazed to have rediscovered her and that we still felt a strong connection. She was in the process of extricating herself from a very unhappy marriage, and was excited to have found her first love again, as was I. Within a month of meeting, however, things took an awful turn. Her husband discovered that he had a rare form of cancer. It was a traumatic experience, as not only had it been a long marriage, but they had had twin boys within the marriage who were at the time seven years old, and it was a huge emotional trauma for the entire family.

They separated nonetheless, but, understandably, she did not feel able to invite me over as she and the twins were regularly visiting him both at his new home and later in hospital. She was also from a traditional French family, and was horrified at the thought that she would be judged by family and the wider community if I were to be ensconced in the family home. Towards the end, he moved back into their family home, and spent much of his last six months on earth with the children.

During the eighteen months I waited for us to be together, I lived in a large Victorian house which was haunted. Almost every night, I would hear footsteps walking down the hallway towards my apartment when there was nobody there, and then a rush of wind, and I would feel the presence of a being I felt to be a child walking into my bedroom. This persisted to the point that I began to use sage to smudge my environment on a regular basis. I felt that there was a desire to communicate something but I was unsure what. My psychic sensitivity and mediumship abilities had begun to return after years of focus on external life, and I had become re-attuned to other dimensions.

When after eighteen months my girlfriend’s husband was dying, I felt a sense of deep trepidation, as I had a sudden premonition that he was not going to cross over easily. In my talks with her, she had told me how angry he was about our relationship, because despite the fact that they had been having intractable problems for a long time, he had desired to save the marriage. I contacted a friend who is a Tibetan Buddhist lay practitioner, and together we decided to request of a local temple that practice be done by local monks to help him cross over when he died. This indeed took place a month later, when I heard the news that he had lost the struggle with cancer.

When I eventually moved to France to be with my girlfriend, almost a year later, I walked into an atmosphere heavy with emotion, and I instantly felt a spiritual presence in the building, and what appeared to be a spiritual attachment on everyone in the house. Both my girlfriend and her two children had a very oppressed and negative energy that went well beyond the deep sadness and unprocessed grief which was nevertheless present, and it was a difficult beginning to our living together. However, over the course of the year I spent there, things went from bad to worse. 

Within six weeks of being there, the children expressed that they felt I had wanted to kill their father. There was a huge resentment at my presence in the house, to the point that my girlfriend would not even sleep with me, but set up a bed for me in the office downstairs next to the garage. I felt a very powerful and tangible feeling that the husband was present, and apart from the feeling of this and of being watched, I felt he was emotionally influencing everyone in the house directly. 

I did my best to get on with building a life there, setup an “association” or local business, teaching English and guitar, but despite my best efforts, I was not assimilated into the household, and my girlfriend was quick to anger with me at the smallest things, often flying into an uncontrollable rage and even physically attacking me. In more somber moments, she would cry, and would say that we had killed her husband, and no amount of comforting or talking would move this feeling she had. The atmosphere was tense most of the time, and I sensed a brooding angry presence lurking, a hidden consciousness inhabiting the house which I could not communicate with despite my efforts.

One day, after months of uneasiness, my then girlfriend was roaming the house looking for something with the children, while I was preparing English lessons for my students. Eventually, I decided to ask what she was looking for as she seemed at her wit’s end, and she replied by explaining that the children wished to look at a series of photographs of themselves with their father, taken on their very last trip to a swimming pool. They were on a cd disc. As she finished explaining, I heard a gravelly French voice in my mind, telling me in French that the disc was downstairs. He said that it was on the table, and showed me an image of a spool, and in a way that I cannot explain, showed me where on the spool the disc was. I descended the stairs and sure enough, thirty seconds later, returned clutching the disc. I explained what had happened, and she did not believe me, and repeated several times that she had checked on the table and had looked at every cd, and that the disc had not been there. I assured her that I had indeed heard her husband’s voice, and proceeded to mimic the distinctive voice I had heard, much to her astonishment. She seemed shocked, and admitted that this was exactly what his voice had sounded like, but refused to believe or even consider the idea that I had spoken to him and walked off dismissively.

On another occasion, I heard the same gravelly voice telling me that if I were to go into the garage, I would see how much he loved his wife. An image was projected into my mind of the corner of the room, and a pile of old newspapers. I followed the voice’s instructions, and sure enough, found a large pile of old newspapers. Taking them down, inside was revealed a set of five oil paintings he has painted of his wife, and when I took them to show her, she was surprised as she had forgotten all about them and had no idea they were still in the house. She tearfully recounted how disappointed he had been when she did not react with the delight he had expected on showing her his tributes to the beauty he saw in her. 

The final and most significant experience was when my girlfriend was staying downstairs with me (she always returned to the former marital bed before sunrise), and I heard slow gentle steps coming down the wooden staircase to the basement where we were. The footsteps then stopped, and there was silence for a few moments. I could clearly see the staircase, yet there was nobody there. Then, suddenly, there was a massive flash of light, as an orb the size of a soccer ball appeared and hung in the air for a couple of seconds, illuminating the entire room before disappearing as rapidly as it had manifested. It had the intense appearance of plasma. I rushed up the stairs, wondering if one of the children had used a camera flash to frighten us. Both children were fast asleep, and I stood for minutes listening to their regular rhythmic breathing, before returning downstairs, reflecting on the fact that the downstairs room was not completely dark, and I had not seen anyone walking downstairs, despite being able to clearly see each step, as the room was partially illuminated by the desktop computer in the corner. 

Only a few minutes passed, and my girlfriend and I were disturbed by loud knocking on the wardrobe next to the bed, which made the wooden chamber of the almost empty internal space resonate loudly. This was followed by even louder, more violent knocking on the thin partition wall next to me, and I knew at that moment that it was the living spirit of the husband who had returned to express his anger at my presence. She said “Russell, I am frightened”, and I proceeded to talk to the spirit, explaining that I was not there to usurp his position as father, and that I had the greatest respect and sympathy for him. The knocks subsided after ten minutes, and my girlfriend went back to sleep, denying that anything at all had taken place the following morning.

Within 2 months, I had returned to the UK somewhat traumatized, to pick up where I had left off. The atmosphere in the house had become such that it had been impossible for me to continue living there, and my girlfriend and I had no longer been able to communicate. Although I had previously had experiences with spirits before, I had never felt such a personal connection, and neither had I ever witnessed how such a manifestation could impact my three dimensional space in such a dramatic way, nor so strongly affect the living through what is known in the psychic world as oppression .This was nothing compared to what I was soon to experience.

Having moved into a Georgian town house, not far from my mother in the historic town of Shrewsbury, I returned to playing music, and also caring for my mother whose disability meant she needed regular assistance. I set about recording an album with a friend, later used by Project Camelot in a documentary on Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, during the course of which I needed to acquire new instruments to record with.

 On one such trip with my friend, to buy a vintage guitar, we were driving along a country road and I saw half a mile in front of us, around 100 yards above the rooftops of the nearby town, an orange ball of light, and I instantly knew that it was not a Chinese lantern or anything  mundane. I spontaneously decided to engage mentally with this ball of light, and, staring at it intently, said in mind “I know you are not a mundane object, you are an ET craft, you can’t fool me”. The glowing sphere, (which I went on later to call “mini suns”, having since seen dozens of these orange forms of craft) instantly performed a 180 degree turn, moving right to left, rather than the original left to right trajectory, and after a period, made an abrupt right angle ninety degree turn and flew across fields parallel to our van’s position.

When it had come down to a point exactly parallel with the van, it then turned 180 degrees again, and began flying across the fields alongside the van, matching our speed, approximately one hundred yards away, and at a height of around thirty yards. I was somewhat alarmed, as I had become very interested in ufology on my return from France, having had one previous experience of two UFOs flying at incredible speeds several years earlier. I had absorbed a lot of the darker material available in videos online, which suggest that ETs are abducting humans for their own agenda, originating from David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins et al. 

Whilst this was happening, I was giving a running commentary to my friend, the driver, as all this was taking place on the passenger side of the car. Although he had witnessed the orb changing direction when directly ahead of us, he seemed uninterested however, and almost in a dream-like state, and was silent during most of the experience. Mentally, I projected (with considerable arrogance and naivety), the thought that “I am not the usual human type you encounter, I have considerable awareness, and I cannot be so easily manipulated”. In retrospect, I am quite ashamed of this, but I was at the time in a considerable state of fear and shock.  I then decided to project my consciousness into the craft, and commenced to close my eyes and take my consciousness inside through a kind of remote viewing, and thereby attempt to ascertain what I was looking at.

 The exercise seemed very easy, and I found myself looking inside a large circular room, with domed ceiling, and a corridor going off to one side. The room had several small white beings inside, around four feet tall, each of them apparently looking at displays molded into the contoured walls. I got the impression that they were aware of my presence, but did not look round. I looked down the corridor and saw that the craft was vast, at least hundreds of yards long, and at this point my friend said something to me, and my consciousness was back in the van. 

I looked over to the glowing orb, and it immediately began to disappear from the top down, so that after thirty seconds or so it was a half moon, then a crescent, then within a minute or so, it was gone. Yet psychically, I knew it was still there, and the presence of the orb was still registering in my consciousness and nervous system as a feeling of being observed. This astonished me, and I realized that the level of intelligence and technological ability of the craft and occupants was beyond anything I could imagine. I returned home in a state of shock, and immediately contacted my local U.F.O network and made a report.

This incident threw my mind into turmoil. In France, I had experienced tangible proof of the reality of the afterlife. I had not only experienced telepathic communication with the spirit of my girlfriend’s deceased husband, but seen him appear as a plasma orb the size of a soccer ball which illuminated the entire room, and also experienced violent rapping on the walls, as well as feeling his presence. This had to an extent, traumatized me, and changed me forever, as much or more than the relationship breakup. Now, I had also experienced a non-human intelligence, in the form of a glowing plasma-like orb, whose consciousness I could feel, responding to my thoughts by changing direction and coming to examine me in the vehicle I was travelling in. I had previously always understood that all consciousness was connected ever since experiencing the mystical states of god consciousness and unity consciousness, but there was a huge difference between knowing it to be true and actually witnessing it being manifest in my physical reality. This was just the beginning.

Six months later, on December 31st 2010, New Year’s Eve, I was sitting alone watching videos on social media, I believe they were mostly about the ET presence. I suddenly heard, in a way that sounded like my cranium was being used a loudspeaker, my own voice, in my own way of speaking, using my own phraseology, telling me to “Grab a camera and go outside, you are going to see some UFOs”. I was in a state of shock, and ran to the front door at breakneck speed, to see two orange plasma orbs, approximately three feet in circumference, floating very slowly at a slow walking speed inches above the rooftops at the end of the street, approximately 30 yards from me. There were a number of drunken revelers approaching, and I was too self-conscious to start filming. They were oblivious to the orbs and did not appear to see them. Two police officers walked directly underneath them, and could have thrown their truncheons and hit them with minimal effort. They did not see them.

I stood in shock for a minute, then began desperately running in the direction that the orange orbs had been flying in. They were nowhere to be seen. I sprinted through the town center, wildly scanning the skies for some sign of their presence, to no avail. Arriving at a bridge over a river, I stopped out of breath. And collected my thoughts. I thought back over the videos I had been watching about Dr Steven Greer and his technique of CE5, and decided to close my eyes and attempt to create a telepathic link with the ETs. Immediately I felt a rush of energy up my spine, and a deep exhilaration, and on opening my eyes, the orb was floating forty to fifty feet away from me, just above my point on the bridge, which stands only twelve feet above the River Severn in Shrewsbury.

I stood in amazement. It seemed to be composed of plasma, and resembled a scaled down sun, and was exactly the same type of object I had seen and remote viewed from the van, 50 miles away, months earlier. I felt, as before, a strong sense of my thoughts and emotions being observed, and got a very distinct feeling that there were multiple beings watching and assessing me. I again got a very distinct sense that despite its size of three to four feet across, that this was like Dr Who’s “Tardis”, and was almost a floating portal carrying a number of beings inside. I received a quiet telepathic message that “We are family”, and I stood mesmerized. Once I had recovered, I quickly got out my very basic Zoom Q3 video camera, but it was so dark a night that I could not see anything in the screen and was unaware if I was capturing anything. I also felt the same sense of fear as earlier, that people might arrive and not see the object, nor understand what I was doing, the fear of ridicule, and the fear of being seen to be different.

When I left the bridge, it was still slowly floating away at around 2 miles per hour, and I hurried home to look at the video, expecting that I had not captured anything as I was unable to see anything in the screen whilst filming. Imagine my shock when having downloaded it, I saw that not only had I captured it, but that the single orb I had seen with naked eye also had other smaller multi-colored orbs rotating around it, changing formations, and forming triangles, hexagons etc. An artist friend was very interested, and downloaded the video and lightened it. What was revealed truly shocked me. My face was in the video!

When I shot the video, I was holding out the camera towards the orb, looking at the screen in front of me. I was behind the camera. Lightening the video revealed my face staring into the camera, with the orb behind me, as if I was doing a selfie with the ET craft behind me shoulder. This was not what took place, and I was astonished to realize that the video itself was paranormal and had been interfered with by the intelligence behind the phenomenon I had been filming! I pondered this, and came to the realization that I had purposefully been given a visual metaphor for the telepathic message I felt I had received from them, that I was one of them, whatever that might mean.

The following year was a period of attempting to cope with deep ontological shock, and led me to re-think everything I thought I had known up to this point. Through my experiences of spirits and mediumship, and in particular after my experiences with the spirit of my French partner, I had always known that we survive death in some form, and from my astral travelling and experience in High Magic, I had ascertained that many beings exist in other planes of existence, or dimensions. The one thing that I had not really understood, was that both spirits and other beings are able to manifest in the three-dimensional world that we know, and this came as a big revelation. At this point, I intuited that the “ETs” were manifesting from another plane of existence, even if they were not actually in residence there. 

It was at this time that I began to practice and develop my own CE5 protocols, otherwise known as human initiated contact experiences, as expounded by Dr Steven Greer, the Rahma group and others, and I began to be followed by orange self-illuminated plasma orbs, or mini suns as I liked to call them. The orbs would follow me when I was on foot, travelling by car, or by train and this was witnessed by several people. I could even be sitting drinking a coffee chatting at a friend’s house, and would see an orange plasma ball floating by, skimming the rooftops only twenty yards away. I felt that something very significant was going to happen, and indeed it did. 

Around nine months after the contact event on the bridge, I awoke one morning after an uneventful day the day before, and went to shower, only to discover a perfectly rectangular scoop mark over an inch long on my leg. It was quite deep into the flesh, and was at least partially pre-healed, appearing to be cauterized. I checked the bed linen, and the clothes I had been wearing the previous day, and there was no sign of blood whatsoever. I immediately felt sure that I had been taken by the ETs, or at least visited, but tried nevertheless to think of a rational explanation for this strange mark, with no success.

 Thus began a period where I was in intense fear and paranoia about my ET contact. It also heralded the most intense period of high strangeness which is so often associated with ET contact. During this period, I received triangulated puncture marks on my right hip, with raised bumps and central puncture marks. A nurse was unable to determine any possible natural cause. I regularly also experienced waking with violent bruising which was nevertheless painless.  I witnessed orbs of different colors and sizes floating through the walls, ranging from golf ball to soccer ball size, and both police and military helicopters began to not only occasionally hover over my house, but also follow me to the park where I practiced human initiated contact with extraterrestrials, and on one occasion flew to the exact regular spot, circled three times, and shot off at high speed, as if to convey that these agencies knew my movements and what activities I was engaging in. 

The number of orbs I saw during this period also intensified, to the point where as soon as I opened my front door there would more often than not, be orbs, usually now white, floating by inches above the nearby rooftops on my street. I also saw three flying saucers in a row flying silently at low altitude of approximately one hundred and fifty feet, straight over my head at my usual CE5 spot, so that I could see the circle of multi-colored lights spinning in the undercarriage beneath them.

 I was also regularly monitored by both the police and security forces or military, which included incidents such as two figures in tight fitting black clothes swimming across a river to the bank near my CE5 spot, and shining bright LED lights in my direction whilst crouched underneath a park bench, and a tall figure with a strange almost non-human gait, who at two separate locations, shone an old fashioned fisherman’s lamp from nearby bushes whilst I was doing CE5 in the early hours of the morning. On one later occasion, I began filming the same man with an infrared camera, and within two minutes he was picked up on the river path by a black car, a path where driving is not permitted, and which is inaccessible to anyone but the police, who can unlock the security bollards. I have never seen him since. I was also watched practicing CE5 with others by a pair of identically dressed men in their 40’s, who then followed me home with a friend, making no attempts to hide their surveillance. It is my understanding from personal sources I cannot name and from my own research, that not only are intelligence services and compartmentalized military departments studying and monitoring both some psychics and ET experiencers, but they are also heavily engaged in consciousness studies of their own relating to psychic work and also NHI’s, and members of the public who are having interactions with NHI’s are of great interest to them.

During this period, which was both troubling and exhilarating, I reached out to many ET support organizations, which only succeeded in amplifying my fear and paranoia, as all of them without exception emphasized the idea that ETs are here for their own negative agenda, and that it was ok for me to be in fear. I was not at all satisfied with this, as despite a growing fear of sleeping, as I was now waking with marks on a regular basis, I also felt a massive expansion of consciousness, a deep sense of connectedness to every living being, and a feeling that the veils between dimensions are gossamer thin, and not as defined as those who believe in them imagine them to be.

At this point the phenomena diversified and I began to experience some completely new things. Firstly, I began to have dreams in which various types of ETs took a prominent role. These included dreaming of being onboard ships, and being shown the ships’ energy sources and propulsion systems. The dreams mirrored in many details the remote viewing experience I had had with the first orange orb I saw, circular rooms with domed ceilings, etc, except that in these dreams I had direct telepathic connection with the small white beings who closely resemble what are known in the UFO subculture as the “greys”. Other dreams involved sexual intercourse with other types of ET beings, which were both physically uninhibited experiences and at the same time, spiritually intimate and intense, as if making love to a profoundly spiritual entity who I was completely one with, and who could read my every thought and feelings. After some of these dreams, I would wake with marks, feeling as if I had actually been there and had been rudely awakened into this three- dimensional reality. 

I found many of these experiences confusing, as they seemed to involve so many different types of contact. Could a dream really have any “reality”? Could I be imagining the orbs floating through my walls? I was never able to video any of the orbs indoors as the experiences were only seconds long, whereas I had succeeded in filming many orbs outdoors with HD infrared camcorders, so I was less inclined to be skeptical. And then, I also had photos of my scoop mark, the puncture marks, and the violent bruising, insensitive to the touch, and apparently partially pre-healed, to prove that there was a physical component to my experiences. 

As if in response to my uncertainty, a couple of events took place which confirmed what I was almost certain of. One morning on awakening, I made a coffee and went to the computer to check for emails. Before clicking on the “Google” icon, I noticed a photo had appeared on my desktop overnight whilst I was sleeping. It was a shot of my sofa, taken by my own webcam, and had two disembodied faces within it, one was a silhouette in profile of a comical looking male human face with a strange expression around the mouth, the second something altogether different. Taking up most of the area in the photo was a feminine face with the most beatific, loving expression I had ever seen, and the most exquisitely beautiful eyes staring straight into the camera, floating in a pink mist above my sofa! The face was very detailed, to the point of clearly identifiable high cheekbones, long eyelashes, and quite a large sensuous mouth. The expression in the huge eyes, at least three times the size of human eyes, was so profoundly beautiful that a friend who saw the photo could not stop staring at it, with tears in her eyes, and claimed that the profoundly deep and loving expression subtly changed the more one looked at it, as if the being in the photo were alive and present.

At this point, I became certain that the ETs could both interface with our 3d reality, and also interfere with technology, as not only had they managed to manipulate the video I shot to show something that did not transpire, but had had no problem using my own webcam to take selfies for me! The following events were to show me how much they are able to remotely read and influence my mental and emotional state, and also I believe, to corroborate details described in the Zimbabwe UFO incident with schoolchildren, that was investigated by Dr John Mack in 1994, and which I had become particularly interested in only just before.

I was sitting talking to someone on Skype, when I began to hear a sound that being a musician, I can say sounded very much like a synth oscillator, or to put it more simply, a didgeridoo. (This is often referenced by Dr Steven Greer as a sound that indicates that ET “ships” are nearby and powering down to land.) I was alarmed and interrupted the conversation I was having to say I would have to talk later. I then heard two long notes on a flute. Being a musician, I immediately played some notes on my guitar, and discovered that the note was C. I felt a very strong sense that something was in the garden, and flung open the curtains, only to see nothing but my garden illuminated by the light from my room. At this point, the room started to feel as if it was vibrating, and I heard a high-pitched noise which became more and more intense, rooting me to the spot in surprise. 

Beginning with the soles of my feet, I felt an intense rush of energy, which went up through my legs, through my entire body, and out through my crown. As this was happening, I felt myself becoming calmer, feeling lighter, and feeling a strong mental clarity I had not had for a long time. The feeling was as if “Alka Seltzer” were fizzing upwards throughout my entire body. I had been involved in a long-distance relationship which had continued with my former French partner, who I rarely saw, and I was feeling anxious and tormented about my future, as we were unable to let each other go, but could not agree how to proceed in our relationship. All these anxieties dissolved, and I suddenly saw myself with all my potentialities and felt good about myself and my life, empowered for the first time in many years. In this moment, I knew that not only did I accept this kinship that I felt was being expressed in my growing relationship with these beings, but I strongly felt that they were very interested in my well-being. I also regard this experience as a form of healing I received, whether psychological, energetic, or otherwise.

It was when reaching out to Mary Rodwell that I gained a balanced sense of perspective on my experiences, and was able to hear of my commonalities with other ET experiencers. Having discovered Dr. John Mack’s work through videos online, and resonating strongly with his balanced approach to the ET contact phenomenon, I was very happy to see that such an approach still existed. Mary was knowledgeable, and able to help me put into perspective many of my more extreme fears, the majority of which were centered around the fear of the military’s interest in my contact experiences, and I was reassured that it was highly unlikely that I would be harmed, but rather simply monitored. Because my fears around the interest in me from both the military and the “ETs” were enmeshed, once I felt more relaxed about one, I instantly relaxed about the other.

I had by this time met another ET experiencer who I was to go on to marry, and we had both begun to work for Mary Rodwell’s A.C.E.R.N as therapists in the U.K as I am a qualified counsellor and she had trained in hypnotherapy. We had met during the very apex of my ET experiences, and thus I began to have witnesses to my experiences.

 One day shortly after meeting her, we were in bed. I had decided to try an experiment, and had left a note to the ETs on the bedside table, having also sent out the same message telepathically to them, saying “Please appear to me tonight, if you feel I can handle it”. Whilst both of us were awake, we heard rustling at the edge of the bed, and I recognized that the sound was of someone walking on the plastic carrier bags which had been left at the foot of the bed from a clothes shopping trip earlier in the day. I asked if she too could hear the sound, and she could. I then felt my hip being touched firmly, the same hip where I had previously awoken with triangulated puncture marks, and shot up in bed, only to see nothing, despite the hall light illuminating the room. I feel that the beings were invisible, just as I had also seen them cloak their craft. When we discussed the incident the following morning, I asked my wife to be if she had seen anything in her mind’s eye, and she said that she had seen two small white figures with violet glow moving around the room. I had seen the same two beings in my mind’s eye, albeit without the same glow of color. 

From this point on, my psychic ability began to dramatically increase. The ETs would send me telepathic messages to go outside when they were appearing for me to film them, and I also began a system of asking questions, and receiving information in one big drop days later, what is referred to as “downloads”. I also began to experience increased sensitivity to the other planes of existence. My mediumship and abilities as a “sensitive” to non-human intelligences has come and gone throughout my life, and it returned in full force. Living in a Medieval town, famed for hauntings, I had ample opportunity to pick up on spirit presences, and indeed I did, to the point where some of the spiritual presences were as tangible as the people on the street. I also began to have premonitions albeit of a rather mundane character. 

My then wife and I were in the habit of taking a rescued Saluki for a walk around the block, and each time we passed a house very close to the pavement, as many houses are in the UK. The house had no blinds or curtains and therefore we always clearly saw what was happening inside. One day just before turning the corner to pass by the house, I clearly saw an image of the game character “Sonic the hedgehog”, and I announced that this is what we would see, and sure enough this game was being played on the television. This repeated itself a few times, always something radically different. I also discovered an ability to read the contents of sealed parcels, and my wife habitually tested me on Ebay and Amazon orders which I knew nothing of, each time I was accurate on both color and material, even if I was unable to ascertain what the item actually was, or its function. 

At this time, my marriage had begun to break down, and there was a substantial tension in the house, exacerbated by my wife’s deep shock, sadness and existential crisis in the bereavement of losing three close friends and family members in rapid succession. Very strange things began to take place in the house. One aspect to this was that a shadow being began to appear in doorways, being seen by everyone in the house including visitors, even the animals in the house reacting to it. The atmosphere in the house became darker and darker, and the tension between my wife and I became palpable. I received several visitations in bed, also experienced by my wife, of ETs who would sit down on the bed and pat me as I went to sleep. It felt like they were trying to comfort me. The presence of the shadow being, however, seemed to correspond with moments where tensions were very high, and to exacerbate an already difficult atmosphere, and I often felt drained and felt ready to throw in the towel.

One night when I was up late worrying about the future of my marriage, I went into the kitchen to get my first beer from the fridge, and noticed movement in my riverside garden which was only accessible to my immediate neighbor. I assumed that for some unknown reason, they had come into the garden at 1am, and I decided to go close to the window to see. Standing 10 feet from me the other side of the window were two of the same white “grey” type ETs I had seen in my remote viewing, and also, in my mind’s eye, psychically many times during contact experiences. They were just over four feet tall, with large heads, disproportionately long arms, and large black eyes although not as almond shaped as is commonly presented. Their bodies had a dull glow, and seemed somewhere between an ethereal spirit manifestation and solid three-dimensional forms. They had a remarkable appearance and energy to them, which seemed, if one can imagine it, like a cross between a very aware child and a mystical master.

While one held me with a fixed and loving gaze and seemed to be telepathically communicating that they were family, the other seemed agitated, and was going backwards and forwards, peering through windows at the back of the house, appearing to be trying to locate something, or someone. After a period of four minutes, this abruptly ended when they disappeared instantaneously. I had been frightened to blink, let alone get a camera, which had indeed crossed my mind. Reflecting on this afterwards, I strongly felt that they were showing an interest in the shadow entity that we had seen so many times in the house. It was not until many months later that I empowered myself to the point where I was able to ask the entity to go, and go it did. I eventually had a fellow medium come to the house, who confirmed that the being and its energy was no longer present. 

The interest that the ETs showed in me was not limited to appearing around the house and its grounds, they also manifested in a number of other ways. On one occasion, my wife and I were sitting watching television. We were no longer able to communicate and she had emotionally shut me out, effectively emotionally abandoning the marriage, blaming me for everything wrong in her life. My wife’s phone rang, and a message was left. She picked it up looking shocked. ”What is it?”, I asked. “The landline has just rung my mobile phone and left a business card from Russell Davies!” The landline telephone was next to us in our small living room, and there was no other phone in the house. It was also unable to send text messages, let alone a “business card”. I felt afterwards that this was a message from the ETs to my wife suggesting that she start communicating with me.

I found myself relating more to the ETs than I did my wife. I was spending more and more time on our roof terrace at night, practicing CE5 and communing with the universe. During this period, I was shown how many forms the NHI’s can appear in. On several occasions, I witnessed what appeared to be a winged orb, similar to symbols found in Ancient Egypt and Sumer, around a foot wide and faintly glowing. On one such occasion, I was permitted to see what this actually was, as the orb flew over my head only twelve to fifteen feet above me. As it approached, I could make out that the wings were not actually wings, and as it flew slowly towards me and above my head, I beheld a one foot tall being inside a faintly glowing energy field. The glow around the being created the impression of a ball of light, which nonetheless appeared to have some form and an outer membrane. The being’s arms extended beyond the energy field, and the being was waving its arms to propel forward! Even now, I find it hard to recount this without fear of ridicule. 

On another occasion I witnessed a white plasma orb, three feet across, with a nine feet long tail, fly only thirty feet above my wife and I on the roof terrace, and disappear in plain sight. Others included a flying pyramid, with multi-colored lights flashing around it, flying blue eyes that seemed to be composed of blue flame, with yellow flame irises which flew 40 feet above my head, and I many times witnessed orbs de-materialize or cloak whilst being followed by military jets and helicopters. I and friends were also witnesses to loud booming sounds in the early hours of the morning with no apparent cause, and the presence of unmanned drones approximately fifteen feet long flying at very low altitude over the town, which on enquiring through friends in positions of authority in the local military bases, was informed never takes place. On all these occasions of witnessing extraordinary phenomena, the videos I shot with an expensive Sony HD camcorder were distorted, and only produced static, or fuzzy indistinct videos on playback, as if the camcorder were being directly affected by a high energy source.

 On the day my wife left, I was going for a walk after an argument, and a pair of low flying orbs only around 50 feet in height, formed a plasma cross which hung for a few seconds in the air above me. I knew that this was a message that things were about to take a significant turn for the worse. This use of plasma orbs forming crosses in the air above me has been repeated on a number of occasions by the ETs when I am about to experience trauma and hardship. To this day, I have a strong belief that the ETs are very interested in my welfare, and my overall well-being. 

Now with a life partner who shares my mediumship abilities and ET connection, the activity continues in many different forms, and I have had some time to reflect on what my contact with non-human intelligence tells me about the nature of consciousness and the many forms of contact with NHI’s, and to compare experiences with my partner. We are currently teaching CE5, assisting ET experiencers in making sense of their experiences, while my partner also works as a full-time International Psychic Medium. Our friends include a high percentage of people who either work in paranormal / spiritually related fields, or are ET experiencers. We seem to draw these people to us effortlessly, even in mundane circumstances, and there is a high level of synchronicity in how we connect to people who have had similar experiences. 

Now happily with my lovely fiancée Saira Kadeer, or “Mystic Saira” as she is known professionally, who is both an International Psychic Medium and an ET experiencer, the activity continues in many different forms, and I have had some time to reflect on what my contact with non-human intelligence tells me about the nature of consciousness and the many forms of contact with NHI’s, and to compare experiences with my partner. We are currently teaching CE5, assisting ET experiencers in making sense of their experiences, while my partner also works as a full-time International Psychic Medium. Our friends include a high percentage of people who either work in paranormal / spiritually related fields, or are ET experiencers. We seem to draw these people to us effortlessly, even in mundane circumstances, and there is a high level of synchronicity in how we connect to people who have had similar experiences.
From my many conversations with Saira about contact with non-human intelligences, it is clear that she shares the view from her own experiences from childhood, both with spirits and ET’s that the primacy of consciousness is key to the experiences. In her experiences of telepathic connection as both a Medium and ET experiencer, she stresses that quality of consciousness is key to our connection with the non-3d worlds.  And yet her psychic sensitivity which was always present as a child, was interspersed with visits both from the ETs when she was a baby, and also in an incident when she was a young child and was missing from the garden for over half an hour after a UFO related missing time incident, after which she experienced exponential growth in her psychic abilities. The presence of extraterrestrial beings in her life from an early age has been a foundation for her work as a psychic and medium.

Both Saira and I are in agreement that any contact with NHI’s can be a spur to opening up the possibility of further consciousness expansion, and also activation and refinement of energetic systems in the astral body and chakra system which creates the basis of multi-dimensional awareness and increased modalities of contact via the etheric web.
As a Medium, Saira has had the possibility of comparing both her telepathic link to spirits, and her telepathic link with ETs, including the channeling and downloads of many pages of direct transmissions from them, including advanced concepts in physics. She believes that there is a qualitative difference between spirit and ET communication due not only to content but also the immensely high vibration that accompanies the ET connection, which is not present in spirits.
In our many CE5 sessions Saira has experienced considerable ET communication , and even connected to ETs in seemingly miraculous healing sessions where the ET intelligences have been able to explain, for example, brain chemistry to her, and explain how a seriously ill child has been over-medicated and thus negatively affected in a variety of different ways, which was later verified, and when the adult dose was replaced with a child dose, significant improvements were made, along with inexplicable improvements from the ET guided healing.
In her channeling, Saira has been able to explain that her consciousness was displaced, so that the ET communication was possible through a form of astral displacement. She could feel herself standing in another part of the room and being aside from her physical body. I have spoken to many experiencers about partial ET overshadowing, whereby one feels that one’s consciousness is being overlaid, like a kaleidoscope of overlaid colours through a spectrum of geometrical shapes. Our consciousness is never fully our own. And it is never our own because we do not own, we share a collective consciousness.
Saira’s experiences demonstrate that the consciousness interface between NHI’s and humans is both consciousness based and can also directly affect the material world we live in. Her channeling of ET energy has had direct effects which were inexplicable to science, and predicated on her previous attunement to other realities through direct experiences including her actual physical disappearance during a UFO incident where she was invisible to her family for a protracted length of time despite never having moved out of her garden. In this sense, whilst all contact is consciousness based, it also shapes perception of 3d reality for people around those who are directly experiencing it.

It is clear to me from the variety of my experiences in the many contact modalities with non-human intelligences, that the non-locality of consciousness is key to understanding diverse forms of paranormal experiences. From remote viewing, to astral travelling, mediumship, psychic connections across continents, and telepathic connection with extraterrestrial intelligences, it is the ability of the mind to connect with beings that are apparently separate to us that is the underlying experience. The mind is not interpreting non-verbal signals or using the imprecise tool of codified information systems in language when it experiences telepathy, as is the case with inter-human communication, or even human communication with animals via interpretation of non-verbal signals. It can, indeed, experience a synesthesia of many different information sources which are direct and unhindered by the medium of our crude human languages. When I and others have received “downloads” of information from ET sources, or when people experience communication with NHI’s in visions , the information is not garbled by the binary opposition present in our language, or our reliance on false absolutes and human subjective perceptions which are limited by our own nervous systems and neurological programming, but instead arrives rapidly and unfiltered as a block of awareness which can bypass the conscious mind.

 Telepathic communication is predicated on a number of different modes, corresponding, I would suggest, to terms utilized in the psychic world. Collectively they are termed the clair-senses, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, the experience of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing directly from the unified field of consciousness without previously receiving information from a mundane external 3d source. These abilities, and others, are innate in all sentient beings, and enable humans to communicate with any being, including animals, other human beings, spirits, and ETs, within a singular consciousness field. In ET contact, just as in mediumship and psychic practice, these can manifest as being able to see beings that others cannot, hear them, feel them, and also receive downloads of information. All senses are utilized. It has been suggested by some experiencers that some of these are virtual experiences created by the ETs, and to an extent, I agree that theatre of the mind operations are part of the ET contact experience. ETs are apparently able to target one person for contact and alter others’ consciousnesses so that they do not perceive them.

It seems clear that apart from the concern of being intercepted by the military, who evidently do indeed have an interest in ETs and ET experiencers, as anyone who has had contact will confirm, the NHI’s primary purpose at this time is to convey to selected individuals that they are here, and that they have a genuine and benign interest in us and the planet. The many manifestations that they produce during human initiated contact experiences, are from my experience, almost certainly largely holographic in nature, although clearly some are also physical.

When I experienced communication with the dead as a child, I was experiencing connection to other beings within a single consciousness field. When mediums contact the dead, they use clair-senses to connect with beings who are still accessible to us, despite, I believe, residing in another dimension, or plane of existence, because all consciousness, as I have always said, is permeable, only a thin membrane exists separating us from the consciousness of others, including NHI’s. Psychic ability and mediumship, as well as telepathic links to what we term as extraterrestrial beings, are possible because non-locality of consciousness is almost certainly predicated on what is known to the esoteric world as “astral” fields, which link this dimension to others. Those of us who work in the psychic arena regard the existence of the astral worlds as self-evident, as we experience them in different forms on a daily basis. 

It is clear that what the many modalities of contact with NHI’s teaches us, is that we are in a universe that is not limited to the plane of existence that we inhabit. I have received direct telepathic communication with spirits who have sometimes appeared as balls of light, or perhaps plasma, and in one instance in France, this was exceedingly bright and the size of a soccer ball, and not the faint ectoplasm-like wisps that are commonly seen on popular paranormal television shows. The orbs which I have experienced after receiving telepathic communication from ETs, have also been predominantly soccer ball size orbs of light or plasma. It appears that it is not a coincidence that the two both manifested in a similar way. It is my assertion that if the ETs themselves do not derive from other dimensions, then they at least travel via dimensions, just as spirits do, and therefore could easily be called denizens of other dimensions, whether on temporary permits or otherwise. 

Interestingly, the Scole Experiment, a series of experiments in the UK to contact those in the Afterlife which took place between 1993-1998, succeeded in a video experiment in capturing apparent images of a typical “grey” ET, which appears to confirm the many stories of ET experiencers, that in contact in dreams with ETs, they were reunited with family who had passed over. It seems apparent to me from my experiences with the “grey” frantically looking through my windows, that that they were looking for the shadow being, which according to the lore of spiritual mediums are interdimensional entities which feed off the negative emotions of human beings. 

I once performed an experiment in a British wood known to be haunted, which was previously an ancient site used by the Druids for many of their spiritual practices. I used a variation of the system I have used for human initiated contact with extraterrestrials, and it was as effective as any mediumship techniques I have ever used, and a friend succeeded in taking photos of me swarmed by orbs with faces. It is my belief that as all NHI’s both extraterrestrial and spirits, are in other dimensions, that systems for contact with them all will overlap, the only difference being the state of consciousness needed will vary in quality depending on what one wishes to attract.

In his Boulder Hot Springs lecture of 2018 entitled “Contact and the Cosmos”, Dr Steven Greer asserted that ETs are trans-dimensional, and can effectively “park” their craft in an astral dimension just outside of Earth’s orbit. In my experience as an ET experiencer and therapist to experiencers, and teacher of “CE5” or human initiated contact with NHI’s, it seems clear to me that this is the case. I and many of my clients have experienced contact with ETs in dreams, OBE’s and also in the flesh, and given that the contact is consciousness based, (as even when they appear in the flesh they have used telepathy with me and many others) it is not a huge jump to accept the hypothesis that they can communicate in dreams. It is also a long-accepted idea in the spiritual and psychic worlds that spirits can communicate in dreams, in just the same way, utilizing this astral link between other dimensions and the material world we inhabit. The same can be said to be true of shamanic experiences and other modalities. 

It is my belief that NDE’s and OBE’s, and many ET experiences, are predicated on experiences where consciousness has shifted to the astral body, which is effectively an intermediary between our dimension, or to put it more accurately, density, and the higher vibrating densities where other beings are located. My own experiences tell me that it is the astral body which acts as a hub to the unified consciousness field, or quantum field, which when activated and engaged through any contact modality, enables non-local consciousness and contact with NHI’s, almost like a router to the cosmic internet. 

I spent many years in Sufi communities, and having experienced numerous mystical states from the many practices I have engaged in, I am sure that this work helped me to cognize the parameters of our consciousness field or cosmic internet. When I became a Sufi, I was given the name “Anwar Laatif”, which may be interpreted as the “Many lights of the subtle realms”. This was a foretoken of things to come. In some sense I also believe that i “am” one of these lights, and feel that the video I shot of one of these ET orbs, where my face paranormally appears, was, along with the telepathic message I received that they are family, a sign of my larger multi-dimensional identity. Curiously, I once experienced a telepathic message whilst an orb appeared during CE5, when I was greeted gleefully with the words “Hello Captain”. 

The nature of identity is one that preoccupies our consciousness throughout our lives. We become attached to everything we see, and yearn for a sense of belonging and an identity that is tangible and meaningful, in the face of our ultimate physical death and imagined annihilation. Human beings thus identify themselves by their gender; (which is absurd if reincarnation does indeed exist and we are reborn as either gender), by their profession; (which is limiting oneself to what one actually does for economic stability); by upbringing and social / cultural group, (a set of characteristics by which others identify them as part of a subset of a cultural group within a national identity, which is obviously limiting), as a particular ethnicity; (which severely limits humans within defined parameters based on skin color and ethnic history, and can even pit us against members of our own species), and ultimately also identifying with the human species itself; thus identifying not with eternal and unbounded consciousness itself which is our true nature, but purely with the form we inhabit. To use an analogy, we identify with the outer casing of a half-broken router, whereas our true nature is unbounded energy and dynamic intelligence within the web which amongst other things, can create routers. It is consciousness within the web which gives rise to the creation of the router, just as consciousness within the quantum field gives rise to the creation of matter.

It is my assertion that in a very real sense, we are experiencers of multi-dimensionality. There is a long-held idea in the Mediumship field that souls can fragment, so that a human being can be present in several places at once. Spirits can pass over to the “other side” when they die,  be in visitation of a former home or locale of trauma which they are attached to and cannot move on from, ( an actual attachment rather than a memory in the energy field of the building) and also be reincarnated in a new body. In extreme cases, people can be haunted by a fragmented aspect of themselves. Similarly, I also feel that many people incarnated today as humans are also simultaneously living other lives in other star systems and dimensions, and could even be being visited by aspects of themselves living lives in parallel dimensions. If time itself does not exist in the way we imagine it, and it is as Armenian mystic Gurdjieff thought of it, a uniquely subjective phenomenon,  then all of our many incarnations are theoretically as accessible to our consciousness as remembering the events of yesterday, the access being blocked only by the way our consciousness is programmed in our formative years. 

Many children experience memories of previous incarnations, which then gradually fade as they get older. It is my belief that every being has access to the singular consciousness field, has an energy body, and has existence in multiple dimensions or densities, and that it is not unique to human beings or NHI’s. This can for example be seen in the numerous experiences people have had with seeing the spirits of animals who have passed over. The scientist Rupert Sheldrake has performed many experiments appearing to confirm that animals can sense when their owners are returning home, and I have also personally experienced telepathic communication with animals, whereby a sick family pet sent telepathic images to me of their location so I would come to help them when they were in distress. On arrival, they were lying at the exact spot and angle that I received in mental image via telepathy. I have had numerous experiences of this kind of communication with animals.

It is my belief that the nature of identity is not as we envisage it, and that the nature of the Simurgh or Creator, sought by the birds in Farid ud-Din Attar’s “The Conference of the Birds” explains well the nature of our true identity. “The sun of majesty sent forth his rays, and in the reflection of each other’s faces these thirty birds (si-murgh) of the outer world, contemplated the face of the Simurgh of the inner world. This so astonished them that they did not know if they were still themselves or if they had become the Simurgh. At last, in a state of contemplation, they realized that they were the Simurgh and that the Simurgh was the thirty birds. When they gazed at the Simurgh they saw that it was truly the Simurgh who was there, and when they turned their eyes towards themselves they saw that they themselves were the Simurgh. And perceiving both at once, themselves and Him, they realized that they and the Simurgh were one and the same being. No one in the world has ever heard of anything to equal it.  Then they gave themselves up to meditation, and after a little they asked the Simurgh, without the use of tongues, to reveal to them the secret of the mystery of the unity and plurality of beings.”

Monism, or the belief that one supreme being is the only thing that exists, manifest in a myriad forms, is the idea which underlies Sufism and many other mystical systems, and is the mystical basis for understanding the theory of how there is only one consciousness field, albeit with many tributaries, which  gave birth to the whole of creation, that consciousness itself is the origin of all that is manifest. One could describe the creation thus as an externalized vibratory expression of the Creator’s thoughts, the Logos.

There is a doctrine in some Sufi groups that individual souls descend from the godhead, through the angelic realms, experiencing incarnation as an angel, on to the worlds of the Djinn, and into the human realms, before experiencing life in animal form, and even mineral form, and beginning again the long return to the godhead. If, then, time does not exist as we perceive it, one can see how that we could simultaneously be an individual droplet, which has the whole enfolded within it like part of a hologram containing all the information of the whole picture within it,  and a whole ocean of selves which can simultaneously exist both within individual dimensions, and also interact with other dimensions.

What is clear to me from my experiences is that we not only survive death and go on to exist in other dimensions, but that other forms of beings inhabit some of these dimensions, and are trans-dimensional in nature. Effectively, we also are trans-dimensional when we experience NDE’s, OBE’s, and trans-dimensional telepathic communication of all kinds including through the clair-senses via non-local consciousness. Once a portal or gateway has been opened to other dimensions by accessing higher states of consciousness or using directed intention to connect to information and other beings via the unified consciousness field, then the high strangeness experienced by ET experiencers and others can attract beings of all kinds, some of which one did not actually intend to connect with. In psychic circles, this is thought of as a light which is generated by the active trans-dimensional capabilities of the medium, which can attract a variety of different beings, both negative and positive, or more or less evolved in consciousness.

When I have been in peak periods of communication with the ETs, the high strangeness often experienced by ET experiencers, has led to my contact with shadow beings and troubled spirits at moments when I was in a vulnerable state of consciousness. My increased sensitivity from spiritual work and contact has allowed  me to see, hear, sense and communicate with spirits unseen by others, and I have witnessed how using a form of CE5 and directed intention usually used to attract ETs, can attract spirits causing orbs with faces within to swarm all over me in photos, whereas others present were free of these artefacts in photos that were taken of them. My mediumship abilities increased after my first experience of seeing an orange orb and remote viewing it whilst travelling to collect an instrument with a friend, and it was only a number of months after this experience that I was in France experiencing telepathic connection with my girlfriend’s deceased husband. 

In the same way that consciousness can be permanently altered by mystical states and the use of drugs, it is my suspicion that psychic experiences, mediumship, ET experiences, OBE’s, NDE’s etc, permanently change our brain architecture, transform our understanding of identity and the fictitious constructs of self we co-create in our lives, and also activate and enable the innate ability we have to connect to other dimensions of existence. Once the switch has been turned on, it cannot easily be turned off, and repetition can automate the neural and astral pathways to connect to other dimensions so that they are permanently turned on. In the world of mediumship, many mediums have to learn to close off to these experiences in order to be able to also function in their everyday lives.

When I experienced seeing someone coming through thick fog by their aura alone, I believe I was seeing their trans-dimensional light body, or astral body, which connects us via OBE’s, NDE’s and non-local telepathic consciousness to other dimensions. We are innately connected to all other beings in the universe through non-local consciousness and also via the medium of our astral energy bodies which are not permanently attached to the body, but which can entirely dislocate in a number of different contact modalities, allowing us to interact clair-sensibly with beings from other dimensions, Our true identity is not simply predicated by how we and other perceive ourselves in the reality we inhabit, but is composed of many layers on a much grander scale, many of which are not consciously experienced but can be sometimes remembered through dreams and experienced in visions during shamanic journeying and other modalities of contact with NHI’s.

What Dr Joseph Burkes calls “TOTENCET”, the acronym for “THIS OTHERNESS THAT EXPERIENCERS NOW CALL ET”, is able to take on many forms, and it is quite widely thought by ET experiencers that the form of the greys is one of the many representations chosen as a projected image in virtual experiences by the intelligence behind the ET phenomena as a generic interface for their communication with humanity. Just as spirit entities and trans-dimensional entities can appear in many forms, so can the ETs also apparently morph their vehicles into any form they choose, using what the late great conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs commonly called “cultural tracking” in his many lectures on the UFO subject, to appear as apparently mundane objects in our skies.

In indigenous native cultures throughout the world, there is a long tradition of stories of beings shape-shifting, and even of humans with the power to do so, which point strongly to experiences with inter-dimensional beings who are able to take many forms, throughout history. There are many stories also of missing time connected with fairy abductions in folkloric tales, and in bible stories of contact with angels. The nativity story of the bible itself seems to suggest the creation of a hybrid through ET contact, particularly when followed by the appearance of a “star” or U.F.O guiding the Magi, who had been prompted perhaps telepathically to seek out the special child many hundreds of miles away.  These themes repeat in the modern ET stories, and point strongly to a single phenomenon which has been present and interacting with us for much of our existence. 

 Many ET experiencers whom I have worked with personally as a therapist, believe that the consciousness of ETs can overshadow their own, so that the ETs can look through their eyes, and effectively displace their consciousness for short periods of time. Some have the sense that their consciousness is permanently being used as a portal for the ETs into this dimension. I myself have had many moments of feeling this. This has parallels with spiritual possession and what is termed “overshadowing” by psychic mediums, or at lower levels, spiritual attachment, whereby a spirit can eject the consciousness of a living person and take over their body, or at the least, strongly influence their thoughts and emotions. As with the ET phenomenon of visitations, being taken onboard craft, and abductions, both spiritual oppression and ET contact can result in marks being left on the body. However, with ETs the result of contact is more often of a positive nature, and even in spirit possession there can be a benign intention from the spirit world.

When contacting spirits through mediumship, the energy of people who have passed over is comparatively low and at times even oppressive, whereas, despite also, I believe, contacting from other dimensions, ETs tend to create a very dynamic response of excitement in the body, and a feeling that one is in the presence of a vastly superior spiritual intelligence .The same clair-senses yield very different forms of communication. Mediumship experiences vary but spirit voices can sometimes be indistinct and the communication unclear. In electronic voice phenomena, spirits often have slowed-down voices, and communicate indistinctly seemingly with great effort at a very low density or vibration, whereas ET contact is both consistently clear, can even seem to be in the room, and the instantaneous communication so full, rapid and complex via downloads, that entire books worth of material can be received in a heartbeat.

 It seems fairly clear that whereas both ETs and spirits may be trans-dimensional in their activity, while the ETs may well be able to access all dimensions, spirits are limited to manifesting in just a few. I suspect that the afterlife as a whole knows little of the astral dimensions which the ETs are able to inhabit, while the ETs themselves know far more of the nature of life and death and the nature of the spirit worlds than we can imagine. I once asked the ETs why they do not share their knowledge of the universe and the meaning of life, and received a very long and detailed answer as a download which can be summed up in a few words : the knowledge of the meaning of life and the nature of the universe which they could convey would effectively stop human beings at this stage in their soul journey from actually living life and benefitting from our experiences. They expressed the importance of our experience of duality for our development.

 The ETs occupy the role that we think of angels (or demons) being able to have, limitless powers and the ability to come and go at will through any dimensions they see fit to visit. It is also my belief based on my experiences, that while spirits can manifest physically to some extent, and I believe, ET’s can fully manifest physically for extended periods of time, as human beings coarsened by our low density 3d bodies, we can indeed visit other dimensions and use the cosmic web, but have less ability to traverse other dimensions than NHI’s.

I believe quality of consciousness, as I mentioned, is what determines contact with non-human intelligence, whether spirits, interdimensional beings, or ETs. It is well known in the spirit world that, for example, people in trauma will often experience connections with spirits who have died traumatically. Consciousness predicates the types of our contact. Similarly, it is what defines how psychic one is in one’s daily life. The ability is present in all beings, as we are truly one being manifest in many forms. We are all part of the one consciousness which has given birth to form itself, and is manifest in many different types of beings, seen and unseen. Many ancient belief systems are adherents of panpsychism, which holds that everything has mind as an attribute. This I feel, is the underlying reality. The current elevated presence of the ETs, and the widespread trend to wish to connect via shamanic experiences, CE5 or human initiated contact with extradimensional or extraterrestrial beings, and the present fascination with the paranormal and the spirit world , are symptoms of our expanding consciousness, a growing realization that we are more than the meat sacks that we inhabit, and a desire to discover what our origins are, the true nature of the universe, and to solve the mystery of the function of life beyond the confines of religious doctrine and blind faith. 

Human identity and perception is limited by our programming, It is clear that through spiritual practices,  through psychic practices tapping into non-local consciousness fields with tools such as scrying mirrors and crystals, in dreams and out of body experiences, through the use of  music or indeed drugs such as DMT or ayahuasca in shamanic practices, through NDE’s , the mind can break free of its limitations in 3d and expand into the cosmic web. As Grant Cameron suggests in his 2019 interview with Alexis Brooks, through trauma, brain injury, and shocks to the nervous system including fasting, it is possible to alter the nature of our perception and experience completely new realities. This can, whilst being consciousness-based and to all appearances subjective, at least partially impact on our 3d world through various manifestations.

 Timothy Leary in conjunction with Robert Anton Wilson proposed an eight-circuit model of consciousness, relating to the Hindu chakra system, the last of which relates to what he called the “non-local quantum circuit” as experienced directly in near death experiences and other contact modalities. “8. The Non-Local Quantum Circuit. This is imprinted by Shock, by “near-death” or “clinical death” experience, by OOBEs (out-of-body-experiences), by trans-time perceptions (“precognition”), by trans-space visions (ESP), etc. It tunes the brain into the non-local quantum communication system suggested by physicists such as Bohm, Walker, Sarfatti, Bell, etc.”  

At this stage of our development, we are beginning to embrace new concepts, and I believe that the mere act of cognition will have the effect of, rather than believing it when we see it, instead, of seeing it when we believe it. 

My journey as a psychic medium, as a spiritual seeker, and as an ET experiencer, has given me the firm realization that all beings are one in a singular field of consciousness, that we are the creator consciousness in many forms, that everything is a manifestation of consciousness, that there is no death, and that our families extend across the entire universe, drawn together by love, which is I believe to be integral to, and embedded within the unified consciousness field, and with the surety that the one is many, and the many are one.

The Armenian mystic, Gurdjieff, proposed that mankind is not the top of the food chain, and alluded many times in his lectures to forces beyond our perception which feed off the subtle energies which we release either through suffering, or through conscious evolution. It is clear from my experiences that shadow beings do indeed feed off negative energies produced by human beings who are suffering, and it raises the interesting question of whether some vital force, perhaps astral in nature, is itself an energy source for some higher-density or dimensional beings, and whether the quality of that energy predicates the types of beings which are attracted to us. 

If the astral body is, as esoteric traditions suggests, the link between the physical body and other dimensions, a consciousness vehicle in which one can travel both in time and space, to visit different dimensions, as well as our own dimensions at different points in time and space in remote viewing and psychic work, then it is unsurprising that we would experience so many different modalities of contact which are founded on a shift in consciousness from a perspective based in our physical reality to one located in our subtle bodies and our clair-senses. If the prime consciousness vehicle is the astral body, and associated subtle bodies, then the clair-senses are the original template from which our human physical senses are based, which the human physiology and brain chemistry filters and refocuses for the functions of 3d living. The consciousness field itself is therefore the prime origin of our senses and our physiological makeup, which crudely replicates the original blueprint of the clair-senses embedded in our higher density astral energy bodies. Some psychics believe that it is through the chakra system that clair-senses receive information within the astral body and transmit it to the mind and physical awareness of the psychic. 

The feeling of familiarity which ET experiencers and those who experience shamanic journeys can have with the beings they encounter, might actually be based on previous experience with the beings prior to incarnation in human form, as suggested by Sufi accounts of the soul’s journey prior to human incarnation. If one accepts the multi-dimensional hypothesis, and that time as we perceive it does not exist, then all these lives are always happening concurrently and can even overlap to the point that we can even meet ourselves as we are in other dimensions and in another timeline.

I have always very much believed that the feeling that one can achieve anything, the immense power of creative imagination, is based on the existence of a creator blueprint which is present within us as a capacity, albeit not readily manifest in our human form. It is my belief that the exhilarating experiences often had in NDE’s, OBE’s, and from contact with ET’s, is both a memory of and a precursor to our previous and future incarnations in other forms, which are nevertheless always already being experienced, albeit without conscious awareness.

In the life cycle of a soul, everything, in the mystical analysis, returns to pure consciousness in ever refining body vehicles, so that even our astral body is shed, to become the causal body as expounded by Paramahansa Yogananda .in Autobiography of a Yogi. And in the process, our grosser identities are shed to make way for an awareness beyond identity conceivable by human mind, vast vistas of consciousness and powers of creation that are godlike in immensity. The beings I describe are already with us, I believe, and are reminding us of our origins.

 In the Bhagavad Gita, it says “I will tell you of That which is to be known, because such knowledge bestows immortality. Hear about the beginningless Supreme Spirit—He who is spoken of as neither existent (sat) nor nonexistent (asat). He dwells in the world, enveloping all— everywhere, His hands and feet; present on all sides, His eyes and ears, His mouths and heads; Shining in all the sense faculties, yet transcending the senses; unattached to creation, yet the Mainstay of all; free from the gunas (modes of Nature), yet the Enjoyer of them. He is within and without all that exists, the animate and the inanimate; near He is, and far; imperceptible because of His subtlety. He, the Indivisible One, appears as countless beings; He maintains and destroys those forms, then creates them anew. The Light of All Lights, beyond darkness; Knowledge itself, That which is to be known, the Goal of all learning, He is seated in the hearts of all. I have briefly described the Field, the nature of wisdom, and the Object of wisdom. Understanding these, My devotee enters My being.”

As John Donne famously said in his poem against isolationism, “No man is an island”. It is now our soul duty to recognize the primacy of consciousness, return to the worlds that gave birth to us, and at last, reunite with the ocean.


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